Our Mission

 Stagebridge Senior Theatre works to fundamentally transform American attitudes towards aging from the traditional image of decline to a new vision of continuous growth.  We accomplish this mission with nationally recognized and award-winning landmark Creative Aging programs that offer older adults opportunities for lifelong learning and participation in the performing arts. Stagebridge’s unique position as a theatre company “for, by and of” seniors demonstrates in action the many ways in which elders improve and enrich our culture and our communities.

We offer professionally-taught classes for seniors as well as storytelling and theatre programs in Bay Area public schools.  We bring high-quality entertainment and hands-on classes to community venues that serve both active and frail elders.  We contribute to the quality of life for seniors by providing performance-based staff training and development to healthcare workers and service providers who work with senior populations.

And we create and produce theatrical works for the general public that showcase the rich and varied experiences of older adults to a multigenerational audience.




Class showcases are happening December 1 at the Marsh in Berkeley and December 8 at Flight Deck in Oakland. Click HERE for more information.  View Our Calendar for upcoming events.


Winter classes start January 5. Click HERE to see the Winter class schedule. To register for classes online click HERE.


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