An Abundance of Characters

October 3rd, 2011 No Comments

 Counter Attack has more than 60 characters! Since there are only  a dozen or so actors playing all the parts, it’s going to be a circus both on and backstage as the actors transform themselves from UPS delivery guy to harried politician to grumpy dad eating breakfast. 

These days, plays tend to keep it simple, focusing on 1 to 3 actors.  So why is Counter Attack crowding the stage? It’s because they’re not just extra background noise; playwright Joan Holden  considers the diners to be an important character. This eclectic community transforms Marlene’s  job into a calling.

 How about you- is there a diner you visit where the  waitress knows you by your order? Do you think you’re one of the reasons she keeps heating up that pot of coffee, day after day?

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